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Agri & Soft


Beware The Bear

How prices of agri commodities pan out over the next couple of months would be interesting to watch The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) averaged…

Bottom of the Cycle?

Agri commodities have been in a multiyear bear market and with prices still under pressure, one wonders whether they have finally bottomed The FAO (Food and…

A Straw in the Wind

The recent pullback in agricultural commodity prices seems temporary and there is a probability of high price volatility The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), as…

Through the Wringer

Global consumption for many of the agri commodities is expected to surpass production. A stronger US dollar however could hit prices Global prices of key…

Laggards among the Laggards

Most agricultural and soft commodities’ prices continue to weaken, and investors in these commodities are expected to continue to feel the pain this year

Closing The Gap

Agri-commodities prices continue to remain under pressure. However, the gap between global supply and demand is expected to narrow this year While the initial part…

Caught in a Downward Spiral

Downward spiral in agriculture prices

The global risk aversion combined with surplus stock and subdued demand are dragging agri commodity prices down. What’s next? By Dharmesh Bhatia, Manager - Commodities…

The Deeper Dive

A deceleration in the global economy and a mismatch between supply and demand continue to pressure food grain prices Agriculture commodities prices fell by 2.4%…

Prices Expected To Soften

Grain prices are projected to decline almost 4% in 2015 Globally, agriculture prices have…