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Dashboard 2015

In this issue, Wealth Monitor gives a summary of IPOs, M&As and Private Equity transactions in the MENA region, based on the data by Preqin’s Fund Manager Profiles online service and EY’s update on MENA mergers and acquisitions, 2014 annual review

Buzz On the Street

Last year, regional announced IPO activity in the MENA region was valued at $11.5b compared with $3.1b in 2013. There were 27 IPOs in 2014 and 26 in the previous year. The IPO activity in Q4 2014 was highest, in terms of capital raised, since 2008, largely due to National Commercial Bank’s (NCB) record IPO of $6.0b (the largest MENA IPO in history).

Big Deals

The announced M&A deals in the MENA region rose by 6% in 2014 to 468 deals from 442 deals in 2013 on the back of strong market fundamentals. However, the announced deal value decreased from $50.7b in 2013 to $44.9b in 2014, down 11%, as per EY’s MENA M&A update.

Big Deals

Similarly the inbound announced deal value showed a decrease of 24% from $9.7b in 2013 to $7.4b in 2014. The outbound announced deal value increased by 19% from $18.5b in 2013 to $22.0b in 2014.

In Action

According to Preqin’s Fund Manager Profiles online service, there are 108 private equity firms headquartered in the Middle East, and over the past decade they have raised $14bn in aggregate capital commitments.

In Action

In the private equity space in the MENA region, of the 468 announced M&A deals in 2014, 90 (19%) were SWF/PE deals, according to the ‘EY MENA M&A update’ 2015.

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