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‘Retailers need to do more’

October 2016

Abdirizak Ibrahim Salah, Co-Founder, Trriple, says retailers need to do more than just building digital capabilities and e-commerce sites

Do you see a gradual shift of UAE retailers toward experiential commerce from traditional online commerce, which is focused on transaction-centric elements?
Although that is certainly true for mostly Tier 1 (premier) retailers, the majority of the shift we are seeing is a rush to have Apps. These fall short of what customers expect and are an extension of their traditional eCommerce sites. The transactional Apps are limited to credit/debit cards much like the online payment options which are having little impact to drive adoption/stickiness and better UX. We have seen that for many retailers the majority of transactions (over 65%) still remain cash and that is an industry pain point for making the shift.

Are retailers in UAE and elsewhere feeling a need for a new breed of CMOs who can facilitate the integration of digital disruption with customer needs?
Definitely, with digital innovation and disruption being buzz words, large retailers are recruiting better equipped human capital to meet these challenges and achieve differentiation and growth.

What’s the next stage for UAE’s retail sector’s digital growth?
The next stage is seamless UX through omni-channel, offering all the payment options, particularly digitizing cash transactions to drive stickiness and growth.

Do retailers need to do more than just building digital capabilities and e-commerce sites that could compare to the in-store experience?
Retailers need to do more than the current detached UX from the e-Commerce and In-Store capabilities. This is where we see traction, based on our interaction with the retail industry leveraging Trriple’s solution, is the digitization of the cash economy and loyalty programs (coupons, vouchers, give-aways, deals & discounts) giving a combined rich migration path with mobile first UX covering in-store, in-App, and on-line as the next generation effective omni-channel offering.

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