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10 Stocks On The DFM With Staggering Returns

April 2016

By Fareem Chagla

April 13, 2016 | 15:30 | Dubai

As the DFM General Index has moved beyond the 3500 level, it would surprise many to know the index has returned 35% from a one year low of 2591 made on the 21st January 2016. While participating in this rally would have been a challenge, given it began towards the end of January, a period marked by what has come to be known as an ‘Economic anxiety’ amidst dipping oil prices, slowing global growth concerns, it underlines the adage of Financial markets working against the general mass sentiment, favoring the brave.

Chart 1 - Source -

We list below 10 stocks on the DFM, which have given staggering returns from their lows over the last 52 weeks.

Table 1 - Source - DFM, Wealth Monitor Intelligence

Top most amongst the same are GFH Financial Group and Gulf Navigation Holding, which have returned 284% and 271% respectively.

 Besides these, there are 32 stocks, as per data available, which have returned over 10% over the last 1 year.

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