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Qatar Upgraded To Secondary Emerging Market by FTSE, KSA on Watch List, Greece Demoted

September 2015

Qatar has been upgraded from Frontier to Secondary Emerging Market category by FTSE, the global index provider.
“Qatar will be promoted from Frontier to Secondary Emerging since this market now meets the criteria required to attain Secondary Emerging market status,” FTSE Russell said announcing the results of the FTSE Annual Country Classification Review for 2015.

“Qatar will be removed from the Frontier index in September 2016. In recognition of the potential liquidity demands arising from its promotion, Qatar’s inclusion as a Secondary Emerging market status will be effected in two tranches. The first tranche of 50% will be implemented in conjunction with the semi-annual review of FTSE GEIS in September 2016 and the second 50% tranche will be implemented in conjunction with the March 2017 semi-annual review,” it said.

Saudi Arabia will join the Watch List for possible addition to Secondary Emerging market status based on the prospective opening of the market to international institutional investors by means of the Qualified Foreign Investor (QFI) licence scheme. FTSE Russell will engage with the market as it works towards meeting the requirements for Secondary Emerging status, it added.

Greece however has been demoted from Developed to Advanced Emerging “due to the recent extended market closure, imposition of capital controls on domestic investors and continued economic instability; these are not characteristics associated with a stable Developed market,” FTSE said.

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