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The Highest Paying Tech Firms in the World

May 2016

Dubai | May 1, 2016 | 11:30

A recent survey by, involving global salary data from 641 entry level employees (0-3 years of experience) and 504 senior employees (10-13 years of experience), to determine the best paying technology firms reveals the following:

For entry level employees:

  • Amazon, Apple & Google lead the rankings, indicating top tier companies are better pay masters
  • Blue chip tech brands are willing to pay substantial bonuses to recruit and retain junior staff. Google, for example, pays a bonus equaling nearly 1/4th of annual salaries.

Exhibit 1


For senior employees:

  • At the senior level, the pay gap between companies narrows dramatically. For example,  while junior roles sees Apple paying 3 times more than Vodafone; senior roles have Apple paying 1.4 times more than Vodafone.

Exhibit 2

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