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UAE among top 10 destinations for global expats, finds HSBC report

September 2015

Dubai among 4 best places globally for start-ups

The UAE has emerged as the 9th most popular destination for expatriates to live and work, ranking ahead of destinations such as Hong Kong, US, UK, Japan, Italy and France, among others, according to latest HSBC Explorer survey.

Singapore ranks first in the overall Expat Explorer league table, providing strong opportunities for career progression and a stable economy. Overall, 67% say their quality of life is better in Singapore than it was at home.

Singapore is followed by New Zealand, Sweden, Bahrain, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan.

Globally, expats say the cities of London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong are the four best places in the world to start a business, due to their strong economies, culture and business environment which attract the world’s expat entrepreneurs.

The survey finding is based on the views of 21,950 expats from 39 countries, asking them to rank countries based on criteria such as career progression, economic well-being, family life and work-life balance.

The survey found that expats are moving abroad to improve their quality of life and take on new challenges, rather than purely for higher salaries.

Further, expat employee benefits vary greatly across the world, but expats in the Middle East enjoy some of the most generous employment packages. More than half (52%) of expats globally have health and medical benefits, but only a third (33%) receive accommodation allowances, compared to 60% of expats living in the Middle East.

Expats however rank South East Asia as the best place for career satisfaction, with four of the top five destinations (the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China) rated by expats on this issue located in the region.

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