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UAE jumps five notches to third most connected country globally

May 2016

Dubai | May 11, 2016 | 10:50

While Hong Kong and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) hold steady as having the world’s top two most highly connected populations, people in the UAE are fast closing in on that lead, jumping from eighth place in 2015 to a forecasted third place this year, according to the GfK Connected Consumer Index. The shows which countries have the world’s most connected consumers, both overall and in detail across each of eleven different device types (smartphone, tablet, mobile PC, desktop PC, wearables, smart TV, TV set-top box, videogame console, e-reader, connected car and smart home), together with trends over the last five years.

It allows businesses to compare how connected the individual countries and regions are, in order to spot market opportunities across a range of industries. This includes areas stretching from digital device sales and content consumption to expansion of traditional technology into health and media and beyond.

GfK Connected Consumer Index: Top 10 most “connected” populations:

Exhibit 1

Other countries that the Index reveals as having made a significant leap forwards in the past year, in terms of the connectivity of their populations, are Chile and Jordan. Chile has climbed seven places from 27th place in 2015 to 20th place this year, and now stands just behind Italy, Ireland and Australia. And Jordan has jumped from 31st place last year to 23rd place – overtaking countries including Cyprus, Oman, New Zealand and Belgium.

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