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UAE ranked as Middle East & Africa’s most talent-competitive economy

November 2015

November 18, 2015 | 12:30 | Dubai

The UAE’s aspiration to become a talent hub got a lift from the latest World Talent Ranking by Swiss business school IMD, which declared it Middle East and Africa’s most talent-competitive economy in 2015. Worldwide, UAE has been ranked 20th among 61 economies, as per IMD World Talent Report 2015. The UAE ranks ahead of developed and emerging economies such as the UK, Japan, France, mainland China, Russia, India, Brazil, among others. Switzerland tops the ranking, which is structured according to three factors, namely, investment and development; appeal; and readiness. Switzerland is followed by Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Singapore among the top 10 economies, respectively.

The first factor takes into account the investment in and development of home-grown talent. It traces the size of public investment on education by incorporating an indicator of public expenditure. It also looks at the quality of education through indicators related to pupil-teacher ratios. The appeal factor goes beyond the focus on the local labor force to incorporate the ability of a country to tap into the overseas talent pool. The readiness factor looks at the context of the talent pool. It considers the growth of the labor force and the quality of the skills available.

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