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New Efma report explores how banks in the Middle East are putting customer satisfaction at the core of digital transformation

March 2019

Efma’s latest Regional Review brings together insights from banking pioneers to find out how banks in the Middle East are innovating to optimize the customer experience.

Dubai, UAE; 13 March 2019: Efma has released a new Regional Review exploring how major retail banks in the Middle East are creating new products and services with customer satisfaction at the core.

Efma’s Retail Banking in the Middle East: Digital transformation for customer satisfaction report is brimming with insights on the latest banking product, service and customer experience developments in Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Its exclusive interviews, case studies and innovation overviews provide insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by financial firms in this dynamic and diverse region, and the strategies they are employing to create value for their business and customers.

A wide spectrum of pioneering bankers from retail banking organizations such as Commercial International Bank-Egypt, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, National Bank of Kuwait, Bank Audi, Fransabank, FINCA Microfinance Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank reveal what drives their decision-making and how the rapid adoption and deep penetration of digital technologies is driving their transformation efforts. They discuss why banks need to put customer satisfaction at the heart of innovation, the technologies and partnerships that are enabling them to do so, and the importance of developing the best talent to create new experiences that are shaping the future of financial services in the region.

A special section devoted to fintechs and accelerators showcases how the region is creating

environments in which startups can flourish. Interviews with innovation leaders from Bahrain FinTech Bay, PayTabs, Abu Dhabi Global Market, Foloosi, Beehive and Fintech Hive highlight some of the some of the exciting new developments that are helping to enhance the customer experience and improve day-to-day banking activities for people across the region.

Showcasing pioneering innovations from across the region, the Regional Review also highlights how technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality are being used to create cutting-edge products and services.

Examples include how KFH-Bahrain has introduced community features to its Jazeel smartphone app; how National Bank of Kuwait’s digital customer acquisition campaign is enabling bespoke communications for different customer segments; and how Bank Audi has become the first bank in Lebanon to launch a chatbot service. Readers will learn how Alizz Islamic Bank is using virtual reality and gamification technologies for brand and product marketing; how United Bank Limited is enhancing its mobile banking app with augmented reality; and how Doha Bank is increasing customer satisfaction with integrated communications. They will also discover how Qatar Islamic Bank is pioneering Islamic POS and online payment gateway solutions, learn about Bank AlJazira’s introduction of online on-boarding; and find out how Al Hilal Bank completed the world’s first sukuk blockchain transaction.

 “We’d like to thank all the Efma members who have contributed their experience and insight to the Middle East Regional Review 2019,” said Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. “Their combined knowledge and vision have created a rich and inspiring picture of how banking is being transformed across this highly diverse and dynamic region. The discussions and examples throughout this publication will be of tremendous benefit to financial organizations, both across the Middle East region and around the world.”

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