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Why Us?

Here is why you should read Wealth Monitor

Wealth Monitor provides a unique platform in the region, offering exclusive and comprehensive news, data, information, research, opinion and reviews on wealth management, personal & consumer finance, insurance and financial markets through multiple delivery channels: print, digital, and web. is a web portal with primary focus on knowledge management, research and dissemination of data and news across business and financial industry. The portal will also be conducting reviews of the consumer and personal finance products on offer in the region and provide its own independent opinion.

It’s Visible where it MATTERS

Wealth Monitor will ensure its presence at almost every sphere of life related to the financial products & services industry that includes financial and commodities free-zones; securities, commodities & currencies traders; financial centres; banks and financial institutions; regional exchanges and brokers; business hotels; amongst others.

100% Focus

Wealth Monitor aims to fill a critical information gap in the regional financial publication landscape– cutting the clutter and providing meaningful knowledge to the target group that include CEOs, CFOs, Bankers, Treasurers, Consumers of Financial Services, Investors, Traders, Regulators and Brokerage professionals.

Next Gen Technology

Wealth Monitor believes in using cutting-edge next generation technologies for distribution of its content. Significant investment in leading technologies has been made providing unique reader experience. Digital distribution to smart phones and tablets using YUDU platform. Developed branded application to be published on various online news stores. Hi-tech application, with stylish interactive features offering amazing reading experience and incredible features for the advertisers.

Out-of-Box Approach

Finance and investment will be no more a humdrum and dreary subject. Wealth Monitor adopts a creative and highly interactive way of grabbing readers’ attention. We have developed in-house Cartoon Characters which will provide exciting and fascinating way of magazine rendition – ‘Dub’ (Bear), ‘Thawr’ (Bull) and ‘Hakeem’ (Wise Man) acting as story tellers will deliver complex financial industry information in layman terms and with local culture essence making the overall reading experience much more enriching and engaging. This will result in better content recall making Wealth Monitor stand out in readers’ mind.